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Pure Essential Oils ( Minyak Atsiri)

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Our company manufacture and exports pure essential oils from Indonesia such as Patchouli oil, Vetiver oil, Cananga oil, Ylang-ylang oil, Sandalwood oil, Cubeb oil, Cinnamon oil, Nutmeg oil, Massoia bark oil, Ginger oil, Turmeric oil and Galangal oil.
We sell also natural oils extracted by cold press like Garlic oil, Celery oil, Basil oil, Coffee oil, etc.

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Samsul Bahri [Marketing]
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Mobile Number:087809291716
Phone Number:62 021 5953931
Fax Number:62 021 5953931
Address:Griya Permata Cisoka,Blok A4,No.7
Cisoka,tangerang 15730, Banten
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